July 21, 2009

Talking Business

The scorching heat sutured with the fact that I'm {still} jobless
equals a summer of boredom.
In all actuality, I guess I can't complain too much because I did take advantage of the fantastic opportunity to go to New York with my best friend at the beginning of the summer.....&& I am a fashion intern at a phenomenal style house.
But there's still something that has yet to fill that void, the very thing that us kids go crazy about when they're fresh out of school.

Yet after my recent meetings with a new friend, I've realized what I need to devote all of this spare time to, && have been routed back to my passion and doing what I love.

I met Starsky of Major Hype clothing back in early June
at the Save Darfur Fashion Show that was held at my school.
He told me that "my line was dope" lol && that he'd love to talk business in the near future to help me out with getting my designs seen by the right people.
We exchanged information && the next thing ya know, we were meeting up to chitchat about the direction I want my line to go as well as possibly a future collabo.

Kev was thrilled about the whole ordeal when I told him of the big plans we had && was more than ready to hop on board, helping out in any way that he could.
Since he's creative && knows the ins & outs of the whole t-shirt printing biz {since he mastered it in his high school graphics classes},
I knew that this could be a win-win situation for us both.

We met up with Starsky Wednesday evening to further discuss some future events && collab ideas that've been in the works.
{I'll be SURE to keep ya in the loop when the event is almost here!}

After a few hours of productive conversation,
I snapped some picks of Starsky's fly fit, then later on, Kev snapped some of me. lol


Major Hype "Posse" shirt
Olive shorts:: H&M
DiY Gold-sparkled Vans sneaks
Woodgrain printed glasses:: Rob's Vintique

Gold hoop earrings:: Forever 21
Lux maroon vest:: Urban Outfitters
Brown beaded bracelet:: Forever 21
Gold pendant necklace:: Forever 21
Strapless floral dress:: Francesca's Collections
Brown woven belt:: Forever 21
Bronze ankle-cuffed sandals:: Forever 21

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