July 5, 2009


The other day, my B.F. Kev && I kicked it with our friends John && Andre.
Despite the scorchin' summer heat, the guys were dressed like some cool kids...
so I decided to snap a few pics of them!

John {aka "Lync"} is a dancer && aspiring rapper all in one!
TRUST ME, he's not your average MC.
Yea, he's a lover of tattoos lol, but his lyrical content blows many clear out of the water!
&& he makes all of his own beats!
P h e n o m e n a l !
I'm SOOO proud of him! lol Even in high school, I always knew he'd be the type to be successful in whatever he chose to do.

&& Andre...is just Andre! lol
SUUUUPER tall with a unique sense of fashion.
...I think that pretty much explains him...

&& Last but not least, my boyfriend Kevin.
s i g h...he cracks me up!
He just HAD to do his "model look" for my snapshots of him lol.
I love him. :)

&& YES!!!:: I had to get a close-up of his socks! I teased him about 'em all day, yet in all actuality, they were quite dope. lol. Even though it was 100,000 degrees outside! lol

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