July 27, 2009


When?:: This past week...

Where?:: In Downtown San Diego with my best friend, Brandi, for her fitting for an upcoming fashion show with a renowned designer/stylist/boutique owner.

{I'll be accompanying my bestie on the day of the rehearsal as well as the show! So I'll definitely dish the details once we come back from the trip :) }

Latte fedora with ribbon:: Forever 21
Cream & gold earrings:: Forever 21
Electric coral burnout tee:: Forever 21
Cream heart necklace:: Forever 21
Black woven belt:: Forever 21
Leopard?/Cheetah? print shorts lol:: Forever 21
Gold chained bracelet w/ Peace charm:: Juicy Couture
Ecoté strappy sandals:: Urban Outfitters

{....&& once again: EVERYTHING (well, for the most part) is from Forever 21! lol ..Kev's just going to shake his head when he sees this }

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