July 7, 2009


Yes folks: Kev && I spent yet another day with "the peeps."
This time, some of our other amigos from high school cared to join us
while we kicked it at John's house.


...the nutty John! {duh}.......who did his remarkable rendition of "SHAAAWAMM-ing" while holding my Louis V Sprouse edition bag! lmao!

Then our friend Craig popped up...{Yes, it's "the guy from Malcolm in the Middle"...Stevie! lol}
I was forced to snap a pic of him because I was infatuated with his chimp-infested shirt!
...&& I {secretly} loved his jeans :)

Then lastly, my b-boy friend Manny showed up on the scene too!
{Although this is NOT the best picture of him lol}

The night was filled with laughs, "DTS" {inside joke} && funny stories as we all reminisced over who was who in high school while flipping through the yearbook from our senior year.
I know that this summer will have plenty more nights like this to come...

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