July 22, 2009


It's her time to shine!
Singer, songwriter, && now fashion maven, Solange is making a name for herself
now more than ever.
I'm sure that she'll inevitably be referred to as "Beyonce's little sis," yet she's definitely breaking out of B's shadow with both her music && her sense of style.
I don't necessarily think Solange is trying to "keep up with the Jones',"
she's just aware of the fact that fashion is where it's at! lol
The hot mama has been creating a new vibe on the fashion scene,
taking some of the biggest fashion risks EVER....&& I can do nothing but applaude her!
I love it!!!
Fashion is all about turning heads && stepping on the toes of comfort and conformity,
Solange being an apparent believer in that philosophy.
So I had to take this opportunity to give sum kudos to the Sol-Angel. :)

Solange at this year's Essence Music Festival,
looking very chic in a pair of black & white art deco leggings and hot pink pumps,
topped with a classic blazer & white tee.

...here's a few more random yet fashion forward candids of Solange...

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