November 30, 2009


In early November, I did a collab shoot with my photographer friend Eulogia {aka "Penny"}.
I've been [im]patiently waiting for the photos,
and FINALLY got a few finished flicks from her!!!!
I originally planned on keeping all of the pics under wraps until I got hold of all of them, but
I'm just toooooooo excited && HAD TO show ya! lol
Plus, Starsky aka Tomi of Major Hype posted em on their blog!!!!
SMH! So much for keepin' them on the D.L! hahahha jk

In the pics, I'm rockin' my own designs && I styled myself! lol
How often do you see THAT?!
A designer who rocks her own gear?? && WELL! hahahahhaha lol
I don't mean to sound cocky,
but I'm proud of the progress that I've made this year,
and I'm NOT slowing down for ANYONE!!
Kooley is on the up&&up folkz!
WATCH OUT!!!! ;)

November 26, 2009

Gobble Gobble

This year has given me its share of ups&&downs, tears&&laughs,
...the good, the bad, and the ugly. lol
However, all in all, I'm grateful to even be able to breathe!
I've been blessed with so many amazing opportunities, && in sharing my experiences,
I have to give ya a BIG 'OL THANK YOU!!!!
Oh, my wonderful readers!!!!!
I deeply appreciate your visits/e-mails/comments,
even in the times that I've slacked off on updates. lol
It may sound a bit corny, but I really do thank you for all of your support!!!
It's kind of funny that there's someone out there that actually has an inkling of interest in a young chick that's just trying to make all of her dreams happen {aka lil old me} lol
I hope that I have && will continue to inspire you in any way that I possibly can! :)

In lieu of this Thanksgiving day && this being my 100th post,
I wanted to provide you all with an opportunity to ask me anything && everything you'd like!
{as long as the questions aren't TOO bananas }
Fashion, style, internships, love, food lol hahaha whatever!!
Leave a comment!
Or better yet, shoot me an e-mail!
Then I'll be sure to do a Q&&A post! :)

So ask away!!!!!!

November 24, 2009

In a Barbie World

You REALLY ought to know who Nicki Minaj is by now.
But in case you don't, she's a lyrical assassin in the rap game && she's killin' it!!
We all know that there is a slim-to-none chance of finding a DOPE female rapper these days.
To be honest, no woman {in my opinion} has made much an impact on Hip-Hop since my faves like Queen Latifah, YoYo, Roxanne Shanté, MC Lyte, Lil' Kim,
Lauryn Hill, Foxy Brown & even Erykah Badu.
But New York's vicious rappin' vixen Nicki Minaj is runnin' chicks over with her Barbie convertable! lol

I randomly came across a mini reel of Nicki's photoshoot with Right On! Magazine,
&& the Barbie in her is coming at you full throttle!!!
Wardrobe stylist Fatima B is guilty for making her look like the lil' black dolly
that was NEVER on the shelf at Toys 'R Us when I was a kid!!!!! lol
I gotta have her in my next photoshoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {NICKI, HIT ME UP!! (seriously)}
Check it out! :)


You and Jimmy Choo

Exciting news folks!!!!
The lovely Jenny from Jimmy Choo contacted me to ask me to be involved
in Jimmy Choo's competition "You, Your Shoes, & 72."
Jimmy Choo && the Elton John AIDS Foundation are launching a photo competition to support the launch of Project PEP, a charity collection that donates 25% of sales toward the Simelela Rape Centre in South Africa. The proceeds will provide HIV-preventative treatment PEP (which must be taken within 72 hours of exposure to the HIV virus) and counseling to victims of rape in South Africa, which has the highest count of rape in the world.

So in efforts to help Jimmy Choo && Project PEP raise awareness and funds for AIDS victims,
I had to SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!
The theme of the competition is "You, Your Shoes, & 72." To enter, you have to submit a creative photo online at All entries must be submitted no later than December 7th @ 2pm GMT. The grand prize winner will get the ULTIMATE Jimmy Choo VIP experience!!!! The lucky winner will be invited to visit their local Jimmy Choo, pick up fashion tips from the fabulous Jimmy Choo stylists and select 7 pairs of shoes and 2 handbags of their choice to keep!!!!!!
Excited much??
You ought to be!!!!
I'd love to see how you all support the cause with the photos you take,
so be sure to leave your comments with your submissions so I can take a peek! :)

Here's a few of my favorite entries so far.
{As you can see}, the entries have been quite diverse lol

November 23, 2009

Under Wraps

Silver hoop earrings:: stole 'em from my mom lol
{Worn as scarf} Beige oversized fabric w/ silver/gold/bronze threading:: thrifted :)
White burnout tee/dress:: Forever 21
Army green jacket:: Forever 21 {I think lol}
Brown woven belt:: Forever 21
Silver necklaces
Peacock bracelet:: Francesca's Collections
Gray tights:: Forever 21
Brown strappy heels:: Reflection Shoes

November 20, 2009


Dear Trey Songz,
...I love you.
hahhahahahhaha lol
In chit-chatting with my friend Besi, I found out that she needed some extra help with a safe sex/HIV-AIDS benefit that she was involved in.
I jumped at the chance to lend a hand, being even more enthusiastic when I found out the event was a concert with Trey Songz as the headliner ;) lol
Inland Empire radio station 93.5 will be at the event
along with America's Best Dance Crew's "Artistry in Motion."
There will be performances by a handful of up&&coming artists and thennnnn,
it's Trey time!!!! lol

November 16, 2009

You Wanna Video Me




November 15, 2009

On the Up and Up

So I'm not sure if I mentioned that I was part of the Major Hype Clothing photoshoot for their new boutique, but they released the photos!!!
After sifting through what seemed like a gazillion frames,
I hand picked my favorites to share with you! ;)
To see all of the flicks, visit !!!
Let me know what you think!

November 14, 2009

Hype Society

I can't tell you all how proud I am of my boys Tomi && Brian Timothy of
They're steez is contagious, and it's definitely putting the I.E. on the map as a place to look out for in terms of up&&coming fashion brands.
I've known the guys for quite some time now, and they never cease to amaze me.
Now with the GRAND OPENING of their new boutique,
I had to show them some love.

Today is the official grand opening of the Society Boutique.
Feel free to stop by && peep all of the new merchandise.
Dime Piece Designs, Married to the Mob, Clae, Durkl, Play Cloths, The Contemperaries, Soulful Commandoe, Crooks & Castles, Supra, Wesc, NineGrand, & 10 Deep are the dope brands represented in the store!!!
There will be tons of free giveaways! ;)

And of COURSE, where there's work, there's play lol
Tonight, come party with us at Citrus City Grille in the Riverside Plaza to celebrate!!!
It's FREE all night long!!!

Hope to see ya there!!! :)

November 11, 2009


When seeing Amerie's recent feature in Complex Magazine,
I nearly peed my pants! hahhah
Her style is definitely on point and she's kickin' things up a notch.
Here's some behind-the-scenes footage of the sassy singer's shoot as she poses for the "Women Are Complex, Too" article from Complex's October/November 2009 issue.

Amerie's new LP "In Love & War" is up for grabs in stores && on iTunes NOW!!

Renowned stylist Eric Archibald along with the help of the ginormous selection of garments from my internship, Chic Little Devil Style House,
paired together for Amerie's album cover shoot!
Here's a peek at the final product :)

November 9, 2009

dime piece

...snapped these flicks 4 you all before headin' out to a party
that the lovely ladies of
DimePiece Designs had in Hollywood :)

Vintage leopard earrings:: local thrift store

Gold chained bowtie necklace, designed&&made by yours truly part of my
Winter collection for my line, Kooley Designs! :)

Gray sparkled crop top:: Forever 21
Black chastity belt:: Forever 21

Teal bodycon skirt, made&&designed by me! {again! lol}
Black studded bangle:: H&M
{Barely seen} Black peep-toe booties:: Forever 21


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