June 7, 2009

part deux

As promised, I'm going to give you a peek into my collection from
my blossoming line Kooley Designs that I showed in last week's
"Save Darfur Fashion Show" that was held at my school.

The majority of these photos were taken by yours truly backstage, yet I have a few random pictures from when my fierce models rocked the runway.
If I am able to get my hands on some video footage, I'll DEFINITELY add it here.
Enjoy! ;)

Natashia, wearing teal "Twisted" top with "Funky Town" skirt.

My *best friend* Brandi, wearing "Meow" dress with lime bow sash.

Mellissa, wearing teal "SexyBack" top.

from left to right: Diahann, wearing "Picnic" dress; Natasha, wearing "Read between the Lines" dress;
Emma, wearing red tube top with yellow plaid skirt; Noel, wearing "Aztek" dress.

from left to right: Naché, wearing "Paint Brush" top; Lauren, wearing teal "Pleet" top with purple plaid skirt;
Imani, wearing "Zip" top with red skirt; Taji, wearing "Lime" ruffle dress with plaid denim vest.

Derinique, wearing "No Sweat" top.

from left to right: Brittney, wearing "Land of Funk" top; Ali, wearing "Splatter" dress;
Debbie, wearing "Aqua" dress with "Hole Punched" skirt.

from left to right: Aftin, wearing "Lav" top with "Cheetah Girl" skirt; Brooklyn, wearing "Mystique" top;
Besi, wearing "Spotty Dotty" top.

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