Kameron Simpson is a "Joan of All Trades." With a multitude of talent beneath her belt, the twenty-something creative type finds her niche in writing. Self expression in the form of a pen and a pad has always been a necessity for Kameron since early childhood, serving as a means by which she can pour out her heart with no restrictions. Thus, came the birth of Vanity Girl in 2009: a blog providing an intricate look into the life, mind and musings of an urban fashionista, whose complexity runs much deeper than her wardrobe. Engrained within her is a devout obsession with fashion, art, film, music, and just about any other medium that defies normality and complacency. When she’s not hunting for unique finds at local thrift stores or busting a move to a funky tune in a dance class, Kameron likes to spend the time she isn’t blogging flexing her styling skills on photo shoots or hovering over her sewing machine for hours on end.

Now a University of California, Riverside graduate with her Bachelor's in Creative Writing, Kameron plans to further her education in the UK at the London College of Fashion to obtain her Master's Degree in Fashion Journalism. While New York City and Paris are among her list of places to live, Kameron's optimism lies in wherever her goals carry her.

Foremost, Kameron is a freelance writer and stylist, who is also working on the launch of her very own online vintage boutique; however, no singular title encompasses all that she does, has done, or aims to do.


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