August 28, 2010


So I told you all that I'd need your support and now's the time to show it!!!!
As mentioned, I've started a project on Kickstarter.
It's an amazing site that lets creative people who are lacking financial capital behind their projects to share their ideas with others who pledge whatever they can to funding their goals!!
Because the cost of getting a collection together is faaaar beyond
anything my wallet has ever seen,
Kickstarter has now opened the door for me to make my designs come to life!

With that being said, I need all of YOUR help and support to make my VANITY Autumn/Winter 2010 collection "A Westside Story" come together!
I'm shooting to raise $5,000 so that my line can get kickstarted the right way! lol
And of course, if you pledge, you will receive AWESOME rewards!
Anything from a free graphic tee or tote bag to a free item from my collection!!!
I'm super excited for what winter and my crazed imagination have in store for you this upcoming season!
So be part of my designer debut!!!
PLEASE spread the word to anyone and everyone that you know!
I'm really trying to make this happen but I can't do it without YOU!!!
You all have been so supportive of me and my blog,
so I just ask that you take it to the next step and help me launch my very first collection!
I apologize for all of the exclamation points lol
but I'm just EXCITED!!! hahah
So visit the site, tell a friend, and pledge your little hearts out!

August 27, 2010


This week has been INSANE!
Along with exceeding far beyond my usual part-time hours at my job,
I've been grinding to get things up and running for my line!
My funds are disappearing quicker than ever and unfortunately I am no longer equipped
to support my designing dreams on my own.
I guess it's true that the wallet of a college student always remains empty. lol
While I'm fully aware that money is what makes the world go 'round,
it just really sucks to know that without it, your biggest dreams and aspirations will more than likely remain at ground zero....
unless you just so happen to win the lotto or cash in on Daddy's bank account.
Since I doubt either one of these outlets will just fall into my lap,
I took it upon myself to see what resources are out there.
I've recently started a project that could potentially give my line the boost that it needs!
(Thank God for miracles!)
I'll be posting about it soon because I still have to work out a few minor details,
but once it's all together,
I'll definitely let you all know!
I'm sure you're just as excited for what I have in store for my clothing line as I am! lol
And I need all of the support that I can get!
I'll be keeping you posted....but until then, it's back to my 9-5 I go! O_0

August 20, 2010



Vintage houndstooth sash {worn as hairtie}:: Jet Rag, Rust orange t-shirt, Denim moto vest, Black strapless leather dress, Black strappy peep-toe booties, Multi-chained necklace, Faux black & gold bamboo earrings:: H&M, Black studded bracelet:: H&M. *All other items, Forever 21*

August 17, 2010


Floral printed blazer:: Urban Outfitters, Boyfriend collar shirt:: Forever 21, Black bandeau skirt:: Forever 21, Camel canvas lace-ups:: Urban Outfitters,
Polka dot hair bow & neck bowtie:: my closet.

Yet another dress up day at work.
I'm a little bummed that I missed out on our Lady Gaga day lol
but I managed to pull a little something together for the back-to-school theme.


August 15, 2010


This weekend's festivities were priceless.
Friday night, Brittany & I headed to Redlands for a party,
yet once we seen the ridiculously long line, we didn't even make it out of the car lol
And the fact that there were plenty of hoochiemamas on the scene was an even bigger reason
for us to go elsewhere.
We made a pit stop for some gas and then made our way to Pomona's Fox Theater for rapper Kent Money's mixtape release party.
The event was a rooftop shindig....definitely more my scene, lol
full of fashion savvy guys & gals.
Upon our arrival, I spotted soooo many people that I knew!
After grabbing a tasty concoction of a beverage from the bar,
we linked up with my girls Yesenia {of Saucie Garments},
BreeAnn and Chelsea {aka Danni Rouge of Bullets & Bows}.
Rica Cupcakes, Ms. Keek Marie, and a few other pretty gal pals were with them,
and once that music started bumping... IT WAS ON! lol

Neon t-shirt {made into a headband at the last minute! lol}:: Forever 21, Black sequined vest:: H&M, Black & white striped dress:: H&M, Multi-chained necklace:: Forever 21, Black studded bracelet:: H&M,
{Not pictured} Black & neon pumps:: Forever 21

The infamous Don Cannon was the DJ for the nite
and was the master of keeping us on our feet.
Many including the uber talented guys from Audio Push came out to support Kent Money,
who performed a few tracks from his mixtape just as the event got underway.


Things got a little on the wild side...


but for good times with good friends,
I wouldn't trade it for anything.

August 13, 2010


Tuesday night {after a long day's work}, my b.f.f Brittany & I got all dolled up
to go to Hollywood's infamous Dim Mak Tuesdays at Cinespace.
The streetwear queens of L.A.'s very own Hellz Bellz were hosting the Hollywood Boulevard hotspot to promote the release of DEV's music video for her dope track, "Booty Bounce."
Filled with tons of fresh threads, the styling of the vid was all thanks to Hellz.
After premiering the video,
we nabbed a spot front & center as DEV took the stage to perform a few hits,
including my all-time fave, "Fireball."
The diverse crowd was full of hipsters and free spirits,
all grooving the night away to indie pop jams.
We had a good time, even though we ran into a few weirdos lol
But hey, it comes with the territory.


Black headband, Black tunic w/ sheer sides, Grey splattered dress {worn underneath}, Multi-chained necklace, Army green grommet belt, Black lace-up booties. *All from Forever 21*

August 12, 2010



Though the mini-roadtrip Kev & I took last weekend to Victorville only took a few hours or so,
we had to take some extra time to take advantage of an amazing photo op.
Yes, we were in the middle of nowhere but the scenery was gorgeous.
Thank God there were no rattlesnakes in the mix. lol


Cream & tan scarf {worn as headwrap}, Green crochet knit shrug & green beaded necklace:: My grandma's closet, Floral printed ruffle top, Wide flare denim pants, Tan crisscross wedges. *All other items are from Forever 21*


August 8, 2010



After I die, if God decides to plop me back on Earth,
I hope that He reincarnates me as a redhead.
There's just something naturally unique about fire-headed gals lol
They seem to have a little extra spark in comparison to your typical blondes & brunettes.
Even as a kid, I was much more drawn to Chuckie from The Rugrats
rather than the rest of the adventurous babies. lol
Perhaps it's just my innate obsession with standing out
from the crowd of the blah, bland & boring.
Or the fact that I've always found beauty in people with exotic features.
Regardless, I'd like to try my hand at a life with a wild red mane.


Right now I'm really into the musical creativity of Florence + The Machine,
and coincidentally Florence is yet another gorgeous lady in red!
So I though I'd share with you all one of my favorite songs/music vids, "Dog Days Are Over."
I love the vibrance of the colors and the wardrobe is beyond is amazing.
Whoever styled the video scores MAJOR points with me! ;)


Sugar-infused toddlers, arcade mania & some darn good pizza.
Chuck E. Cheese was definitely one of my childhood hotspots.
But after not being there in years & taking the trip with the b.f. Kevin yesterday
to celebrate my cousin Cheydae's 3rd birthday,
I soon came to sympathize with the countless parents
who--alike my mom back in the day--were forced to let their kids run wild.
Now that I'm older, the idea of going bananas over a life-sized rat is out of the question,
but I guess the little ones don't seem to mind spazzing out over Chuck E. lol
It was like he was Michael Jackson the way they screamed and fell out over him!
But hey, we all have our moments. lol

Her first piece of bling. lol


After singing the infamous Happy Birthday song,
Cheydae tried her hardest to blow out her candle,
going cross-eyed just to put out the tiny flame. lol
And with a cut of the cake & midget hands full of tokens,
the kids were off to play their hearts out.
Between Kev & I,
trying to keep track of 4 girls under the age of 6 is quite a task,
so we had to indulge in the madness right along with them.
{Not that we minded shooting basketballs,
playing air hockey or blasting digital tarantulas to smithereens.}


I'll admit: going to Chuck E. Cheese was the best bit of random fun that I've had in a while.
I wish I would've played a game or two of skee ball,
but maybe I'll save that for next time.
Since my little cousins live in Victorville, it's a bit of a stretch to see them as often as I'd like,
yet the time I do get to spend with them is definitely worthwhile.

August 4, 2010


The first of a few adventures in Kev's tropical backyard with his adorable pooch Lily.


Chambray sash {worn as headband}, Beaded necklaces, White top w/ tan floral back detail:: Francesca's Collections, Multi-colored scarf:: Forever 21, Chambray sailor shorts:: Forever 21, Tan crisscross wedges:: Forever 21


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