April 28, 2009

Va Va Voooom

No, Naomi Campbell is not a Playboy bunny.
She's one of the handful of amazing models featured in V Magazine's very first swim issue!


Not surprisingly, Mario Testino is responsible for the fierce photography in V Mag's May issue.

This issue will make its splash at newsstands everywhere on May 6th.

I can't wait! :)


This Friday, Forever 21's loooong awaited plus size line "Faith 21" launches this Friday!!!
I'm excited to see what the line has to offer. Although I'm not a plus sized girl, it's about time that F21 makes fashion accessible to EVERYONE.

The line has already made its way into a selected few stores. Keep a look out for it in your city! :)


Lord knows that the last thing I need to be doing is shopping.
But after a quick visit to Topshop to see what is newly in stock,
I feel like buying out the store! lol
It's quite tempting for me not to dip into my bank account && buy just a....few pairs of sandals.
I mean, I DO need summore sandals so my feet can breathe in this crazy Cali heat. lol
{wink wink}
I am doing my best to stay on shopping detox...that includes staying AWAY from any && all forms of money-consuming activities. lol

I've posted a few of my Topshop favs below.
Hey! A girl can still dream. lol

When one door closes another one opens

Who would've thought:
After finding out over the weekend that my hopes of getting into UCLA for Fall 2009 were crushed, yesterday I got e-mails && calls from Dim Mak representatives.

Sooooo now I finally have the long-awaited title of being an INTERN!
YiPEE!! :)
Althought most may think interning is miserable, I am confident that my experience will greatly differ from those extreme cases. I feel like I've worked so hard to get my name out there just to gain some type of position in the industry and am thrilled that now's my time to "DO WORK" as Big Black && Rob Dyrdek would say. lol.

I'll be sure to post some pics of some of the events I get to work.
This Saturday, I plan to help Dim Mak out with their merch booth at Unique Los Angeles' California Market Center event.


April 27, 2009



Where?:: my dorm room
Hat:: F21, Glasses:: Accessories vendor-lady that comes to my school, Racerback tee:: Target, Flannel Shirt:: thrifty, Black Tights:: F21, Boots:: F21, Jewelry:: F21.

April 21, 2009

Hogwarts Honey

As "Harry Potter's" own Hermione Granger, Emma Watson graces this month's cover of Interview magazine. Photographer Nick Knight captures one of the scene's superstar teens. In this issue, Emma casts her own chic spell wearing looks from the likes of Jil Sander, Miu Miu, Hannah Marshall, and Preen.

Emma is all grown up now,
&& I must say::
she's much more fierce without that wand. :)

April 17, 2009

Right On NYLON

This morning I headed to Fashionista.com to get my daily fashionable dose of "the scoop."
I was excited to find that Nylon has now launched their own record label!

Congrats Nylon!

The newborn label's very 1st band is The Plastiscines.
This French quadruplet of 4 fashion savvy girls are a bright-futured breed of chicks who I can definitely see being around for a while.
In visiting the group's website, I got a glimpse of their music video, a song from their brand new album entitled "LP1."

I'm more than hooked!
Even though "loser" was the only English word I recognized throughout the entire song when watching the video, I found myself bobbing my head to every beat & lyric.
The ladies' deput album is a breath of fresh air, with songs in both French && English.
Again, I don't know a lick of French {besides the words on my tattoo && a few others}; yet after hearing this hit I am that much more motivated to take courses toward learning the language asap!
Until then... translator?! Who cares! lol
Katty, Marine, Louise, && Zazie :: j ' a d o r e ! :)

**Keep a lookout for the ladies' 1st single "Barcelona," hitting iTunes this Tuesday!**

April 16, 2009


Today was pretty boring if I must say::
a.m. :: -woke up earrrrrly this morning to book it to my Spanish class
-headed 2 the bookstore to buy some scantrons for my 1st Bio. midterm
-ACED the Bio. midterm! ;) [I think]
-talked on the phone w/ mi madre about some business cards she ordered for me for FREE! {w/ the wrong e-mail address on them! lol}
p.m. :: -spent the rest of the afternoon e-mailing, reading Harper's Bazaar, && surfin' the web
as of now :: -I'm starting to feel my leg go numb since my BF Kevin's head is weighing heavy on it!
ugh, I wish he'd wake up lol
-ECSTATIC that I was finally able to buy a usb cord for my camera!!! wooohooo! Now I can upload my flix!

Hey Sistah Go Sista

Before Christina, Pink, Mya & Lil' Kim did their own bourlesque collabo of "Lady Marmalade," it was the ladies of LaBelle who were the originators. These soul sistahs not only had phenomenal voices, but an eclectic sense of style to match. Patti's lamé-piped fit was my favorite, along with Nona's metallic-studded body suit and headress, && Sarah's futuristic shield-like bra & feathered skirt.
{Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?} have been words that I've known since a kid.lol. Not necessarily because I was a fluent Frenchie, but because I would hear the song && would sing all of the words, not knowing what the heck I was talking about [as most kids do].....No wonder why people would look at me crazy! hahahaha
But despite those infamous lyrics [that for whatever odd reason popped into my head today], as far as I'm concerned these chicks can "gitchi gitchi" all they want! lol

April 15, 2009


When?:: Even though this fit was from a few weeks ago, I still love it! lol
[...Cut me some slack! I just got my camera cord...]
Where?:: in the quaint square not big enough for this Fa$hionista!
...known as my dorm room lol
Navy Colonel Jacket:: F21, Tank:: F21, Gold Rope Belt:: a notions store in Downtown L.A., Grey Skirt:: F21, Black Tights:: F21, Shoes:: random store, Pearl Jewelry:: F21.
{What can I say!! Forever21 was made for me! :) }


One of my favorite up&&coming designers are
Laura Marie && Ashley

These "p*ssy empowered" ladies have collections that emobdy everything that I've ever wanted in clothing, creating one-of-a-kind statement-making pieces that turn heads. Although the name has been heard often throughout mainstream hip-hop tunes {making women out to be sources of objectivity && ridicule based on their appearances}, Dime Piece uniquely defies these standards by making garments stitched with feminism, independence, self-love && confidence.

I was ecstatic upon my recent visit to their website when finding that my long-anticipated wishes of viewing their Summer 2009 "Plastic City" collection was up && running! Ironically inspired by the hot pink convertible-driving, Dream House-having Barbie. With a shaved head twist, Barbie is made fierce and fearless this summer.

I am definitely looking forward to my closet being "dipped in sauce" for this upcoming summer. ;)
**Now available @ karmaloop.com, moxie.com && Djpremium.com**

April 13, 2009

CRAZY s e x y C00L

New York's Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear shows had the craziness of Ringling Brothers' circuses, sexiness that Vicki's secret can't hush up, and the coolness of slick-haired guys like Fonzie.
Flashbacks of TLC came to mind when gawking at the countless {crazy.sexy.cool} photos && videos of Fall 09's RTW collections from some of my favorite designers.

Not to be the bashing type, but when taking a peek into what Alexander McQueen had in store for this Fall, I was instantly reminded of the newly plastic-infused lips of celebs like Aubrey O'Day, Heidi Montag & (after watching the season 5 premiere of "The Hills") Stephanie Pratt. Although not very flattering on these ladies, the odd choice of lip stick was quite interesting in this show. As opposed to the fake lip plumping epidemic going on in Hollywood, I'm kind of comforted by the idea that this CRAZY look will keep its place on the runway.

Vroom vroom! This biker-chic look from Karl Lagerfeld made me want to go grab a cutie on a Harley and disappear into the sunset...with a helmet tightly encased upon my head.

Safety first of course.

Ooh la la.
I'm SURE Christian Dior had many swooning as these looks came floating down the runway.

This collection looks like the 1920s, Esmerelda-like gypsies, & India being thrown into a blender, the results being sewn into gorgeous beaded garments that move gracefully upon slender frames.

Lanvin is definitely bringing sexy back with these classy looks.

Words can't even express how amazed I was when viewing Louis Vuitton's Fall 2009 RTW collection. Every look that came strutting down the runway was gasp worthy. Confidence and pure fierceness were clearly on the brain when creating this collection. From the shoes and those creative linked necklaces {reminiscent of those elementary school construction paper projects} to the bunny ears and bags, Louis V. definitely made a statement the upcoming season.
[ {V A N i T Y} kudos to Marc Jacobs for being the design mastermind behind the collection. ]

Being that I am a big fan of the boyfriend look, Haider Ackermann's collection had me hooked. The slouched high-waisted trousers and funky blazers were my favs that I plan on scooping up a.s.a.p to add to my closet's Fall attire.

And last but not least, Marc Jacobs {as always} kept it cool. I loved the versatility throughout the entire collection. No two garments were the same! Everything had its own personality. Minor details like golden gloves and Star Trek-like glasses added that extra funky flare that Jacobs is known for.


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