March 30, 2009

This economy SUCKS

So this past Friday, I went into work and my manager pulls me to the back room.
When she said that infamous phrase "We need to talk," I knew something was up.
It all happened pretty fast, but in a nutshell
she went over a letter w/ me from the corporate office of my job that stated that as of that Sunday, I will no longer be an active employee with the company.
I was sad at first when thinking of all of the complications this will cause for me,
yet relieved that I'll now have the chance to search for bigger && better opportunities!
So i guess this recession nonsense is bitter-sweet for me.
I knew that lay-offs existed && that retail stores were closing quicker than ever,
yet I NEVER thought any of that would happen to me.
But I guess never say never.
Now I'm on my grind to find a new job.
I'm trying not to be picky, but that's just my nature. lol
I don't want to work w/ food or have a job that's BOOOOORRiNG!
So I guess I'll stick with my guns && do retail {again}.
I'm searching hard && praying even harder that I can land a job that is worthwhile.
Wishmeluck! :)

March 25, 2009


Lady Gaga? Is that you?!

When I caught a glimse of
BlackBook Magazine's cover
I had to do a double take because I immediately thought the
pale-faced, bright-lipped beauty with the razor sharp China doll bangs
on the front page was
Lady Gaga.

Yet after taking a closer look,
I was mistaken!

Nicole Richie is a hot mama, looking quite fierce in her photos.

I just wish she could've been a tad bit more on the
creative/original side in terms of her look.

Don't get me wrong,
Nicole is definitely working it {Hammer pants && all};
however, I think it should be left to Miss Gaga.

Even the way she posed was Gaga-reminiscent!


There's only room for one "Poker Face."

March 17, 2009


So I was randomly watching MTV to get my mind off of studying for finals and came across this video that immediately grabbed my attention.

Even though it was only on my t.v. screen for a matter of 15 seconds or so,
I had to look up Electrik Red's new hit "So Good."

The song itself didn't really hook me.
It was the /f a s h i o n/ of course! :)
The wardrobe selection for the girls is hawt!
Whoever is responsible for styling this video gets MAJOR {VANiTY} kudos from me.
The ladies of Electrik Red are some new chicks on the block full of
sexy, feminine swagger with a starburst-flavored twist.

I love it!

..well the video lol..
I'm still debating on whether or not I'm a fan of the song.

E N J O Y !

So Good - Electrik Red

March 16, 2009


New York City. Bryant Park.
Huge white tents containing a circus of
A-listers, designers, and models who are ready to strut their stuff.
lights. camera. runway!
When we hear "Fashion Week," all of these things usually come to mind.
However for a peek into what's in store for Fall 2009,
Cali knows best.
Los Angeles is the place for this fall's fashion showcase,
full of amazing looks that I'm definitely looking forward to try out myself.
Here's a few of my favorites to give you a peek into
the fashion cool-down that is soon to come this Fall.

March 13, 2009


s i g h

Today has been quite an eventful day::
-...woke up @ exactly 7:33 a.m. && sat upright {droopy-eyed && all} in my bed
until about 7:50 lol.....then had to get in my fierce speed walkin' mode to rush to my spanish class {my teacher is a maniac about tardies/absences}
-[L A T e R] ... had a little chit-chat with my peeps {Brittany/Cate/Ada}
-[much L A T E R]...i had to go to powderpuff practice where I was made fully aware
that I'm a "girly girl" who knows NOTHiNG about football lol
-[N O W] I just received an e-mail from a representative from Dim Mak for
an internship interview!!! Yay me!

Soooooo WHEN I GET this internship, I will be taking the utmost advantage of this opportunity. This moment has been long awaited, but now is my time to shine && get a fashionable foot-in-the-door ;)

Blogger Newbie



Kameron Simpson here. Kami for short.

After [finally] balancing out my schedule here at school -UC Riverside- && taking the advice of Devon of Jane Doe John Doe Boutique {in CaLi's own SoHo = South Hollywood lol}, I've officially made my way into the blogging world!

Geez, where do I start?

Welp I'm a 19 [soon-to-be-20 :)] college student with dreams much larger than my 5' 2 [& a 1/2] frame.
Fashion is the industry I'm shootin' for, heart in first.

Due to the fact that my school manages to be {in my opinion} one of the
fashionable places in the world,
I am currently in the process of transferring schools! [adios UCR!]
I'm praying that I get into UCLA or USC so I can get a jump-start on pursuing a degree in journalism.

My ultimate goal would be to become
a fashion designer && have my own clothing line.

Looking back on my life experiences,
I've come quite a long way!
So OF COURSE I'll be able to survive the cut-throat business of fashion.
d u h !


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