July 7, 2009


I know I'm a tad bit late in the posting biz, lol, but here's a few snapshots of Kev && I on the 4th of July this past weekend.
I failed to take photos of his aunt's block party, the beyond delectable food, the overly dangerous fireworks, and the hilarious assemblage of slightly tipsy family members lol.
But hey! This is the best I can do lol

Where?:: On the block...lol

Light brown vest
Hanes white v-neck
Leopard belt
Brown skinnies
Creative Rec shoes

I do apologize for the horrid camera angles lol
These last pictures were taken at the bitter end of the night && I was quite tired.
I also don't understand how && why my necklace always managed to drift to the right...hmm.lol

Gold hoop earrings:: Forever 21
Gray Silence & Noise figure skater dress:: Urban Outfitters
Green beaded necklace:: My G-ma :)
Brown belt:: Forever 21
Flower-printed skirt:: Forever 21
Teal & pink bangles:: Forever 21
Bronze gladiator sandals:: some random store on Canal St. in NYC

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