May 16, 2011


One of my biggest style/beauty/everything else inspirations is Solange Knowles, so you can imagine how excited I was to finally see her as Who What Wear's Girl of the Month! As a WWW intern, I got an early peak into the fashion closet to see all of the amazing Solange-inspired frocks, and I must say, I am very pleased with the selections of today's GOTM story!

No matter the scene, Solange always manages to turn heads. Whether rocking ethnocentric duds from Boxing Kitten, looking incredibly chic with a funky turban wrap--which has become her style staple and has caused a trend frenzy--or piling on layers that still show simplicity, Solange has got this entire fashion flair in the bag. She's extraordinarily daring and is a usual subject of high-brow critics....But you know what they say, if they're talking about you, you must be doing something right.

While the industry can tend to turn a blind eye to the concept of diversity and shut out people of color who are overflowing with creativity, it's so awesome to see a trendsetter like Solange be able to transcend all boundaries! It is 2011, so you would think that racial ignorance would be diminished by now, but sadly, it still rears its ugly head. However, I'm so glad that Who What Wear isn't all about the color of your skin, but is more obsessed with the funky clamor of one's closet! In this industry, fashion is what we all have in common, regardless of anything else, and I'm so relieved that I work for a company who embraces that! :)

Bravo Ms. Sol-Angel! :)

May 10, 2011


For starters, I'd like to give a big HELLO to all of you new readers!!!!!
It wasn't until now that I actually realized I haven't posted anything in quite some time.
Online outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and even Blogger can cause us to get so caught up in the
 "who has the most followers" hype that we miss the point of it all....that is, if there is actually a point. lol
I've noticed lately that the blogosphere has gradually shifted from my outlet of expression to a burden,
where the organic drive to post whatever inspires me or comes to mind seems to suddenly be irrelevant.
Writing has never been this way for me, which is why I guess I've been on a bit of a hiatus.
I needed some time to breathe, to collect my thoughts and not get sucked into the tech-obsessed world that is such a huge part of our culture.
As crazy as it may sound, I've actually noticed a lot of personal growth that has occurred
 in this pull back from social media......and I like it. lol
I've had the opportunity to actually get things done!....even though my procrastination with homework is still a challenge I have yet to completely overcome.
I was surprised at the internal growth that resulted in me stepping away from my Macbook--and Blackberry.

The pressures surrounding the fact that I am graduating from college next month were the icing on the cake.
I've been searching like crazy to find a job, and have had no luck thus far.
But, optimism is key, which is why I've been strongly considering moving to NYC.
I'm in dyer need of a change of scenery. 
Don't get me wrong: I love California.
But I don't want to be that bitter granny who regrets never making the ballsy move to the Big Apple.
If I have kids--and even grandkids--I want to have remarkable stories about my youthful ventures,
even if they're all tales of incredible failure; at least I can say that I did it! :)
So that's where I'm at right now, getting things in order and going for the gusto.

Stay along for the ride.


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