June 26, 2010


Thursday, after a long day of laundry and laundering in the scorching heat,
I headed out to celebrate the 21st birthday of one of my dearest friends, Brittany.
Brit & I have been thick as thieves since our first year at UC Riverside when we lived
on the same hall in the dorms.
There, I also met Cate and Ada, a pair of the truest & nuttiest girls I've ever encountered lol
From then until forever, they will all remain as some the most sincere and genuine friends
that I am so blessed to have :)
{Cheesy? I know lol But it's true!}

Last night was the first time I've seen Cate & Ada in a lonnnng time,
since they spent the latter part of the school year in London
through the Study Abroad program.
It was amazing to see them, along with Brit of course, and my other pals from UCR.
We all had dinner at BJ's and then headed over to Brit's apartment for cake, laughs,
and an unforgettable game of Taboo. lol



Brit's pipsqueak {complimentary} Pazookie. lol




Photobucket Photobucket

Gold twine {worn as headband}:: Random fabric store in Downtown L.A.
Gold hoop earrings:: Forever 21
Navy blazer w/ gold trim:: Forever 21
Red & white striped tank:: H&M
Juicy Couture charm bracelet
Button necklace:: DIY :)
Denim shorts:: Forever 21
Vintage taupe clutch:: Rob's Vintique
Taupe booties:: Forever 21


June 23, 2010




So on Saturday, I decided to go for a different look by trying out the
trendy turban/headwrap biz.
I think I pulled it off pretty well, even though one of the assistant managers at my job
managed to point out that I "look like Aunt Jemima."
I didn't really know what to make of that comment,
so I just looked at her with my "You can't be serious" face. lol
And sure enough, she was.
I told her I wasn't trying to go for the whole slave repertoire, but she made
sure to let me know that I looked like I belonged on a plantation.
*s i g h* I guess that just goes to show that not everyone is
fashion savvy and/or without ignorance lol


Multi-color ethnic print scarf {worn as turban/headwrap}:: Forever 21
Brass-colored hoops & olive beaded necklace:: My grandma :)
Multi-color bead necklace:: Forever 21
Ella Moss white maxi dress:: A gift from my previous internship.
Chartreuse scarf:: Forever 21
Denim moto vest:: Forever 21
Brown woven belt:: Forever 21
Brown sandals:: Forever 21




June 22, 2010


What a perfect way to start off the day!
Earlier this morning, I received an email from the lovely folks over at Dujour Magazine
who informed me that I've been featured on their blog's Personal Style section!


The mag is a eco-friendly, vintage-inspired publication that's dedicated to providing its readers with what's new in fashion with innovative brands, designers, artists,
and other creative types.
I've always had a thing for Dujour's fashion editorials.
They're fresh, chic, and have just the right touch of femininity.
I guess the indie mag really lives up to being "Fashion with Sprinkles on Top."
Be sure to check out my feature along with Dujour's newest "Virgin Issue" at Dujourmag.com! :)

June 21, 2010


After a long day's work on Saturday,
Kevin and I headed to L.A. for the Lyricist Lounge hosted by the Passion for Christ Movement.
Known by many as P4CM, the church is a very impactful and inspiring ministry based in
Los Angeles whose primary goal is to spread the word about
the greatness of God and his son, Jesus Christ.
I've been researching P4CM and viewing many of their Youtube & website vids
of the various sermons and events that the church has held,
and about 2 weeks ago, Kev and I went to the church to experience it all for ourselves.
I must say that I'm very impressed by The Movement and everything that they represent.
Not only is the Senior Pastor Justin Cox very gifted at providing an accurate and understandable explanation of the Bible and what it really means to be a Christian,
the church family is full of young people who welcome you with open arms.
I love the fact that there are so many young adults coming together to encourage one another as well as others to live a life in Christ.

The P4CM Lyricist Lounge is an extremely popular event where poets from all over come out to share their testimonies in connection to their personal relationship with God.
I was fortunate enough to experience the church's third spoken word event,
and I was blown away!
There were sooooo many people!
The head count had to be over 600.
And most importantly, there were many of those who came forward to proclaim that they don't want to live a life without Jesus Christ.
I strongly encourage you all to check out P4CM, even if you don't live in the Los Angeles area.
Check out their Youtube channel and view some of the videos that they have available from various members' stories/testimonies, church sermons,
and even videos from their Lyricist Lounge events.
Or if you ever get the opportunity, pay them a visit at their website, P4CM.com.
However you do it, I am sure that it will change your lives! :)

Here are a few of my favorites that have had a true impact upon me and my own personal relationship with God.

Is your religion keeping you from Salvation? from p4cm on Vimeo.


On a last minute venture, my sister Taylor, Kev & I all headed over to
The Glasshouse in Pomona to see The Cool Kids!
Chuck Inglish & Mikey Rocks are hands down my favorite emcees,
so I had to jump at the opportunity to see them again!
After getting inside the venue and landing a spot in the front,
my sister met up with some of her good friends and we all waited for the show to start.
Things got kicked off with the Inland Empire's own Fontana rapper Epic,
then came Donnis and The Kids in the Hall!
All of the guys were dope, buuuut I was getting rather antsy to see The Cool Kids lol
After much anticipation, they finally made their way to the stage,
performing a handful of tracks from their newly-released mixtape "Tacklebox,"
along with plenty more of their classics.
I almost died when the bass for my FAVORITE song "Jingling" came on!
I think I was the only girl rapping every single lyric right along with them.
All in all, we acted a bit crazy & got our boogie on,
which adds up to nothing but a good 'ol time lol
I'd be more than down to see my boys
Mikey 'n Chuck ANYTIME, ANYPLACE! :)

Oh yeah!
And by the way, I have long hair now! :) lol
As much as I love the edginess of my haircut,
I'm SO over damaging it and the lack of variety in styles that short hair brings.
Believe it or not, I've had my hair chopped for the past 3 years!
So it's most definitely time for some changes.
Everyone at work has been telling me how weird it is to see me with long hair
because I've rocked it short for so long.....but I love my new locks!
Hope you all can dig it!

June 17, 2010


Lately, I've been super motivated and empowered,
eager to get things cooking with my career and my line.
Reality has definitely set in that I have a year left at UC Riverside,
so it's better now than never that I grind as hard as I possibly can
to make my goals realities.
For some odd reason, Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" has been on heavy rotation in my head!
Even though my sister Taylor always dances like she's in Flashdance while wailing this song loudly about the living room,
it's been sticking with me like never before.
Perhaps it's a sign that aside from my sister's typical madness,
I have a reason to be persistent in achieving my goals.

So enjoy the vid! :)

On a side note,
I couldn't help but notice that the guys' pants are sooooo tight!
Journey has gotta be one of the originators of the skinny jean lol.

June 13, 2010



In lieu of me finally being finished with school and having some free time,
Kev and I headed out to Riverside's infamous Joe's Sushi on Friday night.
Neither of us have ever been to the Japanese restaurant,
but having serious cravings causes you to take chances. lol
From the outside, you wouldn't even think that the place was jam packed
with hungry folks of all shades & ages.
After a short wait, we were seated at a quaint little table in the midst of
all of the hustle and bustle!


Initially staring blankly at the menu,
I decided to go with the all-you-can-eat sushi, while Kev stuck with the typical
teriyaki chicken dinner that he always gets when we go to sushi spots. lol
Although he did manage to snag a few rolls off of my gorgeous plate,
I managed to devour most of the grub.
I was feeling a bit daring and thought about trying some squid and octopus,
but I quickly changed my mind lol
Kev tried getting me to try a saki shot, but I passed on that too.

Joe's Sushi has locations in both La Habra and Lakewood!
So I recommend that the next time you're in a mood for sushi in a fun-filled atmosphere,
take a trip to Joe's! :)

Faux gold & black bamboo earrings:: H&M
Miley Cyrus blue denim shirt:: Wal-Mart {for only 3 bucks! lol}
Coyote Sisters U.S.A crop top:: Urban Outfitters
Black silver studded belt:: Forever 21
Leopard print shorts:: Forever 21
Black studded bangle:: H&M
Louis V. clutch:: a gift
Black tie-up booties:: Forever 21

June 9, 2010


This past Saturday, I went out for a night on the town with my older sis Chrisandra
and my good friend Brittany. I needed a major break from hitting the books
and I haven't been out in a long time, so I figured it wouldn't hurt.
WRONG! lol
While we did have an okay time, I was reminded of why I stopped
going to clubs in the first place:
The disgusting sweatiness,
ridiculous drunkards,
and girls with horrid attitude problems who are quick to throw down
if someone accidentally bumps them.
All in all,
there's nothing wrong with having a good time,
but I'd rather not be surrounded by the massiveness of ignorant folks.
Although there are many who are older than me and still manage to act a pure fool,
I now understand why people prefer 21+ events.
{No offense to any of you who aren't of age}


Multi-color gem earrings:: H&M
Gray ruffle vest:: Forever 21
Multi-color beaded necklace:: H&M
Cream/gray leopard strapless dress:: Forever 21
Aqua metallic clutch:: Francesca's Collections
Teal bangle:: Forever 21
Salmon pointed-toe heels:: H&M

By the way,
with my sister being a HUGE makeup freak,
I complained to her about how I couldn't find any dope lip colors
that work well with my skin tone.
I've been dying to find a red and pink lipstick that don't make me look like
BoBo the Clown when I put it on! lol
After making a quick trip to Wal-Mart,
I came across "Carnation" {#025} by Revlon, and I absolutely love it!!!
Never have I been able to rock a lip color as vibrant as this!
So if you've been searching for a Barbie pink hue that is fab and affordable,
I dare you to give it a try! :)

For more photos from the event I went to hosted by the Inland Empire's very own,
Team Fresh, visit itsTeamFresh.com!

June 8, 2010


Sooooo I recently had a hairdo meltdown! lol
I came to the realization that I've had my hair chopped forthe past 3 years!
I still can't believe it's really been that long.
Lately, I've become extremely annoyed with the shortness of my hair,
because I feel like my styling possibilities are limited.
And the more I have to add heat to my hair when I want to do it it up,
the more I'm considering just throwing in the towel and letting it all grow out because
I don't want to continue to damage the little bit of hair that I do have!
Funny thing is, whenever I'm feeling soooo over my doo, I get the most compliments EVER! lol
I'm so confused! hahaha
I love my hair the way it is now because it sets me apart from the slew of chicks
with long, bodacious {boring} locks lol
Yet at the same time, I want some length so I can have more versatility in my
everyday hair wear.

Last weekend, I was fooling around at my grandma's house and decided to test out
some locks of love, just to see if I'm really feeling it or not.
What do you think????
Let me know your thoughts! :)

June 7, 2010


I was inspired to rock this look out after reminiscing about
Mary-Kate Olsen's incredibly edgy fashion sense.
I love the 90s and the tomboy chicness that's coming back into play
in today's fashion.

Faux gold & black bamboo earrings:: H&M
Denim moto vest
Sky blue "Beaute" tank
Red & white collared shirt
Army green cargo pants
Taupe booties
*All other items are from Forever 21*

June 3, 2010


When I peeped Nylon Magazine's behind-the-scenes footage
of M.I.A's June 2010 cover shoot,
my anticipation for the music issue to hit the stands hit an all-time high,
especially when I spotted her rockin' some pieces from one of my favorite designers
Henry Holland of the infamous funktified brand, House of Holland.

Not only do I love the Sri Lankan rapper for her insanely obscure sense of fashion,
but her passion and fearlessness regarding social change
is what differentiates her from the mold, putting me in pure awe.
With my own personal experiences this past quarter
in learning the depth of the systematic forms of oppression that exist in America,
it's a true breath of fresh air to know that someone of great influence like M.I.A
is using her music to reach people by the masses,
making them aware of the corruption that exists globally
as well as right here in the "land of the free."
{Those words I use very loosely lol}

If you haven't caught wind of the recent controversy she's stirred up,
I suggest you take a look at her newest music video for her single,
"Born Free."
It's a definite eye opener and is a perfect example of the ways that the state
perpetuates violence against whomever they want, whenever they want.

"As long as our social order regards the good of institutions rather than the good of men, so long will there be a vocation for the rebel." --Richard Roberts


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