March 30, 2010


With my Spring Break officially coming to an end and school starting back this week,
I must admit, I'm sad that my break wasn't longer.
I've been sewing like a madwoman for the past week or so,
causing my break to be full of nothing but pin cushions and piles of fabric while my college peeps were partying it up in Miami, NYC and the Bahamas.
But I know that first comes the work....and then the play!

Rather than soaking up some sun I've been prepping for 2 fashion shows
that I'm involved in at my school next week!
So far, I've made 10 pieces but I'm shooting for 15-20 lol
I'm such an overachiever
....well, sometimes lol
And for the project I'm working on,
I decided to call it "Vanity Girl" {what a coincidence! :)}
I wanted to try my hand at something different,
and wanted to make clothes that were for that fashion savvy girl who's all about
looking fab at all times!

Since I have TONS of creating to do,
I'll leave you all with some of my inspiration for the collection!


March 22, 2010


I'm 21!!!!!!

Finally! I'm legal in every way, shape and form! lol

My birthday weekend got kicked off on Friday with my mom treating me to dinner
at one of my favorite restaurants, P.F. Chang's.
My mom, sisters, and boyfriend Kevin all stuffed our faces
with some good ol' Chinese cuisine.

Saturday wasn't too eventful since I had to work,
but I made sure to treat myself to some shopping lol

On Sunday
{the actual day of my birthday}
Kevin && I headed 2 Balboa Beach, were I intended to have a beach party.

even though I told tons of my friends to come at around 3,
I was starting to get bored since me & Kev arrived at the beach at noon! lol
Because his family had something special planned for me,
we packed everything up and headed to L.A. instead.

We then all headed over to Venice Beach,
where we spotted a bicycle decked out in fur,
bums arguing to the point of someone getting stabbed,
and plenty of other off-the-wall things.
Being that I was finally "of age" to do anything I wanted,
I decided to see if I'd be able to buy any alcohol...
and it worked! lol
Even though the cashier guy did a double take at my i.d.
{probably since my picture was taken when I was 15}
he gave me the okay to grab whatever I wanted lol
Not that I'm the drinking type,
but it feels good to finally use my i.d. and not get rejected! haha

We walked around the beach for a while,
ate the biggest pizza I've ever had,
and pop-locked as people walked by but we didn't make any money lol
One of the homeless guys had a piano and jammed on it for me.
Even though I was a lil' freaked out by this girl asking for a knife
so she can stab the bum that she got in an argument with,
we all had a good time lol

As we headed back to the car,
we spotted the famous "Muscle Man" of Venice Beach
and everyone insisted that I take a picture with him.
After he made sure that I was at least 18
{I guess since some parents freak out at their
underaged daughters taking pics with him lol}
Kev's family shooed me toward him to snap a picture of us.
I stood there with my hands by my sides, nervous! lol
This guy was super buff and wearing the TINIEST speedo I've ever seen!
The Muscle Man told me not to be scared, and that he wouldn't bite lol
After he put both of my arms around him, he growled in my ear!!!!! lol
And with a flash from the camera,
my reaction was captured forever hahahah

After leaving Venice, we headed back to Kev's family's house,
where they sung "Happy Birthday" to me.
Once I blew out all 21 candles of my triple chocolate cake,
I smashed whipped cream into Kev's face.
He grabbed a small piece of cake and I thought he was going to do the same
but instead, he fed it to me.
And just when I thought I was off the hook,
I turned around and SPLAT!!!
Kev's uncle smashed the ENTIRE cake into my face!!!
I was in such shock that all I could do was stand there! lol
Never in my 21 years of life has that happened to me.
But I guess there's a first time for everything lol

All in all, I had a lot of fun for my birthday.
Thank you all for the love!!
Here's to another year of life! :)

March 18, 2010


Hey loves!!
I apologize for my lack of posting!
This week is finals week and I've been in grind-mode trying to
work on my last assignments for the quarter.
I'm currently slaving over this 15-paged paper for my ethnic studies class!
I'm on page 11, so I guess I'm on a roll! hahahhah
It's due by tomorrow evening so I'll be sure to hit you guys with a post as soon as I can!

My 21st birthday is this Sunday! :)
That's something worth mentioning lol
However, I still haven't come to a decision about how I want to celebrate.
I've been so busy that I have yet to go get my license renewed,
and since most of my closest friends aren't 21 yet,
I'll probably end up doing something thats underage friendly lol
Beach bash perhaps????
We shall see!!

March 8, 2010





Brown old-school flip up shades: Society Boutique
Gold & pearl earrings:: Forever 21
Multi-chained necklace:: Forever 21
Cream racerback:: Forever 21
Denim vest:: Forever 21
Black belt:: Forever 21
Black acid leggings:: Forever 21
Black studded bracelet:: H&M
Taupe booties:: Forever 21





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