December 31, 2010


After a LONNNNG, excruciating lapse of not being able to buy anything outside of the necessary
 gas for my car, pesky bills, and food for the fridge, 
I was finally able to indulge in an extremely overdue shopping trip! 

My roommate Brandi and I hit the mall on Wednesday. 
Yet once we realized most of our money had dwindled away in only about an hour, 
we made our way to one of my favorite thrift spots. 

My first time at this particular thrift store was....mmmm...aiiiiight. lol
I got some pretty cool stuff, 
but for some reason, 
yesterday's trip was the most AMAZING experience I've ever had thrifting!
There were soooooo many items that I snatched up, 
and they had tons of shoes {which was an area they were lacking in upon my first visit}.
In all, I spent 68 bucks and walked away with a huge plastic bag of goodies...
the bag was so big, I felt like I had a Quasimodo-hunch while carrying it on my back. O_o

I didn't want to bombard you all with photos of everything I got,
{primarily because it would take at least 50 snapshots lol}
so I decided to do yet another video haul!

My MASSIVE thrift haul.

My "mall haul." lol

P.S. I definitely think I'm going to start an online store. 
I know I've been saying that for some time now,
but this recent thrifting adventure caused me to find tons of stuff. 
Though there were plenty things that I knew I wouldn't necessarily wear, 
because they're so fabulous, I felt like SOMEBODY out there has to have them! lol 
Plus, I need to do some closet cleansing.
I'm not sure if I want to go the Ebay route or use BigCartel.
Either way, be on the lOOkout!

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