December 3, 2010


I'm a huge fan of bending the rules of fashion . . .
especially when it comes to gender. lol
And I randomly noticed that there's been a revolution of sorts surrounding the color pink.
I used to hate wearing it, simply because of the fact that it was usually associated with
the ditzy "like ohmygosh"-ness of chicks like Elle Woods,
which is a pretty narrow connotation for the color to supposedly be the definitive mark of females,
aside from our obvious vaginas. lol
Considering those of us who aren't 
constantly flipping our hair, calling our close friends "darling," 
or have dogs cooped up in our purses,
I can say that the world of fashion has added a bit more of an edge to the feminine hue.
And after sifting through my laptop's massive photo collection,
I've found that perhaps pink isn't so bad after all.

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