December 8, 2010


With a closet, drawers, & massive Rubbermaid containers jammed-packed with clothes,
I'm still one of those types that has the audacity to say "I have nothing to wear." lol
My indecisiveness is a weakness of mine,
yet at the same time, it's probably the root of my personal style.
I go through this process just about every day when it comes to finding something to wear.
Most times, everything ends up on the floor, and I end up with Mt. Rushmore.
Not to sound like a slob, but I haven't washed clothes for a good month until yesterday...
and yet I still have a plethora of options in the never-ending abyss known as my closet.
Ridiculous, I know.
But being that I haven't shopped in what seems like AGES,
I've been simply making the best out of what I've already got.

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