December 24, 2010


Notice anything silky, new, and fabulous??!
No, it's not my scarf. lol
It's my hair!!!
After poking around on Youtube, I decided to put my mane miseries to an end and
whip up a new doo for myself!
My hair grew out quite a bit, so I'm definitely about to keep the momentum going.
I know that most black women would try to perpetrate 
that their flowing locks are all miraculously theirs...
{knowing good and well they have a weave.} lol
You would've thought it was a secret society or something.
Ixnay on the weavidsday. lol
Welp! The secret's out!
Let me know what you guys think! :)

Lime green military jacket:: Forever 21, Indigo short-sleeved tee, Cream scarf:: Forever 21, 
Black maxi skirt w/ white stripes:: Forever 21, Tan criss-cross wedges:: Forever 21

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