December 23, 2010


While I've always found myself obsessing over countless vintage items I've discovered on Ebay, 
it took me a while before I could actually gain the nerve to actually purchase something.
I think my apprehension was rooted in my mom's voice buzzing in my ear,
where I'd hear a mantra of her parental rants of anxiety about her concerns with online shopping scams.
But after brushing off the worry, I decided to take my chances in my purchase of a few vintage finds.

These uniquely printed Bali pants {along with two other similar pairs} 
are the first Ebay additions to my closet, and I love them! 
Though they are so comfy!
And even though they are far too big for me, 
the trusty velcro along the waistband makes them adjustable to any size. ;)
Initially, I thought I'd only be able to wear these in the summer,
but I've definitely found much more use out of them in these cool winter months.

Light brown leather moto jacket:: Forever 21, Cream crocheted top:: Forever 21, Multi-chained necklace, 
Vintage Bali harem pants:: Ebay, Cream Cathy Jean criss-cross pumps.

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