December 9, 2010


Actress Kerry Washington covers the December 2010 issue of L.A Times Magazine with a look that is definitely a good way to end the year: with a BANG & an EDGE. 
Kerry looks flawless.
Though there's no doubt she's gorgeous, I've never really seen her in such a fashion-forward light.
Yes, there are her usual red carpet appearances for award shows, movie premiers, galas and such,
but she always looks so reserved and my opinion...old.
However, this editorial gives her just the stylish touch she needs and is quite far from matronly.

For a second, I wanted her haircut. lol
I think that was just my first impulse upon seeing her photos.
But I know that's a bit of a stretch to walk down the street every day with that particular doo,
especially in this unpredictable weather.
Being a young woman of color is something that I'm proud of...
yet I don't think I'd be so keen to have a frizzy mess on top of my head if it suddenly decided to rain.
I'd probably end up looking like this....
...minus the mushroom. lol

All in all, I'm quite pleased with her feature, 
considering the fact that I nearly had a heart attack over her last look.
So Kerry gets snaps from me for this one.

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