December 29, 2010


I hope you all enjoyed your holiday and are excited for the New Year!
Kev & I made our rounds to my uncle's and grandpa's house on Saturday before
heading over to his grandparent's house in L.A.
I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but Kev is Jamaican/British
{interesting combo, I know.}
and I must say this Christmas was definitely one that was too hilarious to forget.
Not because of his heritage, lol
but because I had so much fun!
And after a ridiculously intense game of Scategories,
his family inspired me to want to start having game nights at my apartment. lol

After posting this video, I realized I say "umm" a LOT,
which is definitely a habit I didn't know I had yet need to break out of....asap.
I'll probably be making videos more often since I'm about to {hopefully} get a new camera!
Although my lil' Sony Cybershot has served me well,
I've been dying to have a digital SLR camera {preferably a Canon}.

And...I've started a Tumblr!
Since I didn't want to make the big switch, I decided to extend things a bit.
It's simply just another dose of all things fierce, fab, & fashion obsessed. lol
So feel free to visit!!!!

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