June 21, 2010


On a last minute venture, my sister Taylor, Kev & I all headed over to
The Glasshouse in Pomona to see The Cool Kids!
Chuck Inglish & Mikey Rocks are hands down my favorite emcees,
so I had to jump at the opportunity to see them again!
After getting inside the venue and landing a spot in the front,
my sister met up with some of her good friends and we all waited for the show to start.
Things got kicked off with the Inland Empire's own Fontana rapper Epic,
then came Donnis and The Kids in the Hall!
All of the guys were dope, buuuut I was getting rather antsy to see The Cool Kids lol
After much anticipation, they finally made their way to the stage,
performing a handful of tracks from their newly-released mixtape "Tacklebox,"
along with plenty more of their classics.
I almost died when the bass for my FAVORITE song "Jingling" came on!
I think I was the only girl rapping every single lyric right along with them.
All in all, we acted a bit crazy & got our boogie on,
which adds up to nothing but a good 'ol time lol
I'd be more than down to see my boys
Mikey 'n Chuck ANYTIME, ANYPLACE! :)

Oh yeah!
And by the way, I have long hair now! :) lol
As much as I love the edginess of my haircut,
I'm SO over damaging it and the lack of variety in styles that short hair brings.
Believe it or not, I've had my hair chopped for the past 3 years!
So it's most definitely time for some changes.
Everyone at work has been telling me how weird it is to see me with long hair
because I've rocked it short for so long.....but I love my new locks!
Hope you all can dig it!

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