June 21, 2010


After a long day's work on Saturday,
Kevin and I headed to L.A. for the Lyricist Lounge hosted by the Passion for Christ Movement.
Known by many as P4CM, the church is a very impactful and inspiring ministry based in
Los Angeles whose primary goal is to spread the word about
the greatness of God and his son, Jesus Christ.
I've been researching P4CM and viewing many of their Youtube & website vids
of the various sermons and events that the church has held,
and about 2 weeks ago, Kev and I went to the church to experience it all for ourselves.
I must say that I'm very impressed by The Movement and everything that they represent.
Not only is the Senior Pastor Justin Cox very gifted at providing an accurate and understandable explanation of the Bible and what it really means to be a Christian,
the church family is full of young people who welcome you with open arms.
I love the fact that there are so many young adults coming together to encourage one another as well as others to live a life in Christ.

The P4CM Lyricist Lounge is an extremely popular event where poets from all over come out to share their testimonies in connection to their personal relationship with God.
I was fortunate enough to experience the church's third spoken word event,
and I was blown away!
There were sooooo many people!
The head count had to be over 600.
And most importantly, there were many of those who came forward to proclaim that they don't want to live a life without Jesus Christ.
I strongly encourage you all to check out P4CM, even if you don't live in the Los Angeles area.
Check out their Youtube channel and view some of the videos that they have available from various members' stories/testimonies, church sermons,
and even videos from their Lyricist Lounge events.
Or if you ever get the opportunity, pay them a visit at their website, P4CM.com.
However you do it, I am sure that it will change your lives! :)

Here are a few of my favorites that have had a true impact upon me and my own personal relationship with God.

Is your religion keeping you from Salvation? from p4cm on Vimeo.

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