June 9, 2010


This past Saturday, I went out for a night on the town with my older sis Chrisandra
and my good friend Brittany. I needed a major break from hitting the books
and I haven't been out in a long time, so I figured it wouldn't hurt.
WRONG! lol
While we did have an okay time, I was reminded of why I stopped
going to clubs in the first place:
The disgusting sweatiness,
ridiculous drunkards,
and girls with horrid attitude problems who are quick to throw down
if someone accidentally bumps them.
All in all,
there's nothing wrong with having a good time,
but I'd rather not be surrounded by the massiveness of ignorant folks.
Although there are many who are older than me and still manage to act a pure fool,
I now understand why people prefer 21+ events.
{No offense to any of you who aren't of age}


Multi-color gem earrings:: H&M
Gray ruffle vest:: Forever 21
Multi-color beaded necklace:: H&M
Cream/gray leopard strapless dress:: Forever 21
Aqua metallic clutch:: Francesca's Collections
Teal bangle:: Forever 21
Salmon pointed-toe heels:: H&M

By the way,
with my sister being a HUGE makeup freak,
I complained to her about how I couldn't find any dope lip colors
that work well with my skin tone.
I've been dying to find a red and pink lipstick that don't make me look like
BoBo the Clown when I put it on! lol
After making a quick trip to Wal-Mart,
I came across "Carnation" {#025} by Revlon, and I absolutely love it!!!
Never have I been able to rock a lip color as vibrant as this!
So if you've been searching for a Barbie pink hue that is fab and affordable,
I dare you to give it a try! :)

For more photos from the event I went to hosted by the Inland Empire's very own,
Team Fresh, visit itsTeamFresh.com!

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