September 1, 2009


Okay, let's be real:
there's NO WAY in this world that I could've gone 2 seconds without posting about Rihanna's {excuse me} kick ass 20-pager in Italian Vogue!!!
This 21 year old fashion forward chick is definitely reigning supreme as she powerfully takes her place on the "Yeah, I'm the sh**" throne! lol
I can't even begin to describe the jolt of excitement that I felt when I first laid eyes on the cover over the weekend.
And now that the September issue is out&about, I felt like jumping up and down when I seen how phenomenal Steven Klein depicted the Barbadian beauty.
I'm speechless! lol
Any that any words that describe how she's lookin' in these photos is an understatement!
So, I'll shut up && let the pix do the talking. ;)

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