September 28, 2009

Class is in session

Schools in, yaaaay!! {unenthusiastic voice} lol
As much as I've been dying for school to start, I'm beginning to regret those thoughts now lol
Classes are officially underway and I'm already over it all hahahaha!
I mean, college IS all about higher education and whatnot,
but all in all,
I've only been looking forward to seeing all of my friends,
having those late night "study" sessions {or lack thereof lol},
and experiencing new things.
Yet as much as I complain about how dreadful Riverside is,
it feels good to be back.

On another note,
my friends from Major Hype had an event on Saturday
and invited me to join them.
They set me up with a few representatives from Vogue {yes, VOGUE!!!!}
who were interested in viewing my line.
After much constructive criticism,
I walked away with plenty of new knowledge about how I can take my
fashion designing goals to the next level.

As of now, I'm in the process of finalizing garments for a M.J. tribute/fashion show
that'll be at my school at the end of next month!
{I'll dish the details once they're finalized.}
So you know that includes plenty of sequins and bedazzling of things ;) lol

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