September 6, 2009


Once again, I put Kev's so called "photography skills" to the test! lol
&& I'm all about "tellin' it like it T.I.-is" {as my grandma would say hahah},
so I must admit that he did a pretty good job.

Considering the fact that this beyond sweltering heat in Southern Cali makes me feel icky
when I have a buncha layers on,
I decided to keep it cool yet funky w/ my favorite cropped top.
Honestly, it didn't make much of a difference lol but hey, it was worth a try.
The weather actually didn't cool down until I got to Kev's house that night
after a lonnng day of interning at Chic Little Devil.
Stupid global warming :/

White U.S.A crop tee:: Urban Outfitters
Silver necklaces:: Forever 21
Black, silver-studded belt:: Forever 21
Red acid wash skinnies:: Forever 21
Black booties:: sum random store :)

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