September 18, 2009

Dear Summer

When reading consistent tweets, blog posts, and articles about
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this year,
you tend to get a bit envious of all of the lucky fashion goers
that've been granted access to the industry's most anticipated event.
{..or maybe that's just me lol}

Not only have I been itching with anxiety to view all of the collections,
I've been looking forward to doing some serious shopping as the fall season arrives.
Here's a handful of items that I definitely have to have in my closet
by the time this summer heat ends.




On a little side note, I just moved into my new apartment!!!!
It feel sooooo good to have a place to call your own,
and this is definitely the greatest step I can take toward Mz. Independent Road lol
I'm STILL unpacking {even though I moved in on Saturday},
and I'm whipping up a handful of new creations for my line.
I can finally spread out and get to cuttin' && sewin', rather than being annoyed at my mom yelling at me for leaving patterns and fabric pieces in the middle of the living room floor lol
Once I get completely settled in, I'll give you all a peek into my humble abode :)

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