November 4, 2009

Long Overdue

She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! lol
Despite her feature in Italian Vogue, on Jay Z's "Run This Town"
&& her consistent appearances from this year's Fashion Week,
Rihanna has officially made her comeback.
I peeped her video for her new single "The Wait is Over" from her soon to release Rated R album earlier today and the more I watch it,
the more I like it! lol
She looks fierce {as usual} && I'm even diggin' the Barbadan-flava.
Although I'm not too thrilled about her song "Russian Roulette" that is also on the new album,
this track is a breath of fresh air.
With her "Woman of the Year" feature in December's Glamour Magazine && her Good Morning America Interview to dish the deets about the whole Chris Brown rendezvous,
she's hitting harder than ever!

Get 'em RihRih!!! lol ;)

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