November 26, 2009

Gobble Gobble

This year has given me its share of ups&&downs, tears&&laughs,
...the good, the bad, and the ugly. lol
However, all in all, I'm grateful to even be able to breathe!
I've been blessed with so many amazing opportunities, && in sharing my experiences,
I have to give ya a BIG 'OL THANK YOU!!!!
Oh, my wonderful readers!!!!!
I deeply appreciate your visits/e-mails/comments,
even in the times that I've slacked off on updates. lol
It may sound a bit corny, but I really do thank you for all of your support!!!
It's kind of funny that there's someone out there that actually has an inkling of interest in a young chick that's just trying to make all of her dreams happen {aka lil old me} lol
I hope that I have && will continue to inspire you in any way that I possibly can! :)

In lieu of this Thanksgiving day && this being my 100th post,
I wanted to provide you all with an opportunity to ask me anything && everything you'd like!
{as long as the questions aren't TOO bananas }
Fashion, style, internships, love, food lol hahaha whatever!!
Leave a comment!
Or better yet, shoot me an e-mail!
Then I'll be sure to do a Q&&A post! :)

So ask away!!!!!!

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