November 30, 2009


In early November, I did a collab shoot with my photographer friend Eulogia {aka "Penny"}.
I've been [im]patiently waiting for the photos,
and FINALLY got a few finished flicks from her!!!!
I originally planned on keeping all of the pics under wraps until I got hold of all of them, but
I'm just toooooooo excited && HAD TO show ya! lol
Plus, Starsky aka Tomi of Major Hype posted em on their blog!!!!
SMH! So much for keepin' them on the D.L! hahahha jk

In the pics, I'm rockin' my own designs && I styled myself! lol
How often do you see THAT?!
A designer who rocks her own gear?? && WELL! hahahahhaha lol
I don't mean to sound cocky,
but I'm proud of the progress that I've made this year,
and I'm NOT slowing down for ANYONE!!
Kooley is on the up&&up folkz!
WATCH OUT!!!! ;)


  1. oo yess i LOVE! sooo when r they going on the market =D

  2. They're most definitely in the works! I'm hoping to drop my collection sometime next year. I've been working extremely hard, and I'm hoping things will be available to you all sooner rather than later! :)



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