November 2, 2009

here kitty kitty

In lieu of Halloween, I decided to show you all how my costume came together!
After searching frantically for last minute additions,
I figured I may as well go for the gusto && put my DIY skills to work.
Brit was a hippie, && I was one p***sy you can't f*** with! hahaha jk lol
It may sound a bit arrogant, but I was DEFINITELY the fiercest feline around that night!
Of all my Halloween endeavors, I must admit, this is THE best costume I've had thus far!
Hmmm, wonder how I'll outdo myself next year? ;)

DIY cat ears {made from a black headband && fuzzy pipe cleaners}
Black jumbo afro wig:: Party City
Gold hoop earrings:: Forever 21
Gold chained necklace:: Forever 21
Red satin gloves:: Downtown L.A.
Studded black bangle:: H&M
Vintage cheetah fur vest:: Chic Little Devil Style House {my internship :) }
White tiger printed body suit:: Forever 21
DIY black shredded tights
{Not pictured} Black peep-toe booties:: Forever 21

{Sorry for the lame photo quality lol My Macbook has been my only option for snapshots
since my camera has been out of commission lol}

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