October 29, 2009

yes hunnie yes

If you don't know by now, I'm not your average girl! lol
Blogging, designing, styling, working AND being in college full-time???
I do it all!
There's nothing that I love more than seeing YOUNG people {alike myself} who are on their grind to make their dreams become a reality.
Making a lasting impression on my generation is my ultimate goal,
&& I get sooooo excited when I see people in my age bracket who are trying to do the same.

With my clothing line in the works, I've came in contact with so many
YOUNG&&talented individuals!
From my modeling amiga Brandi
to my boys Tomi&&Brian Timothy of Major Hype,
film director Brandon Hammond {aka Big Mama's grandson from the movie, Soul Food lol},
fab photographer Eulogia "Penny," && my super good friend Semaje,
they all have a passion for what they do.
Even though they may have they're own individual goals, we can conquer the world together! lol

I swear, I have a radar for creativity! lol
&& a young lady that is overflowing with it is the uber-talented,
Teyana Taylor.

Her swagger {of course!} is what initially drew me to her.
Since her debut to the world on MTV's "My Super Sweet 16," I knew that this was someone that I HAVE TO work with. lol
Singing. Rapping. Modeling. Songwriting. && now acting and having her own lipgloss line:
this chick isn't slowing down for anyone!
I love it!!! lol
Just this morning, I happened to come across an interview between radio && t.v. personality Egypt Sherrod && Teyana.
In reading their convo, you automatically see how genuine and focused she is at the age of 18.
The ladies discussed Teyana's past && upcoming projects, including one that I'm anticipating:
the release of her lipgloss line, DopeLips!

Teyana is definitely setting an example for young people everywhere, and I can't wait to see what she pops up with next :)

Hopefully, {fingers crossed} I'll be having a photo shoot soon in order to complete the lookbook for my line's newest creations.
I tried thinking of chicks in the game that represent the image that I want to put out there with my designs:
funky fresh girls that are taking the world by storm in every way possible!
&& sure enough, Teyana is the first on my list to rep it! lol ;)
So hit me up T!!!! lol

{*Follow Teyana on Twitter!*}
I'll leave you with an exclusive peek at Ms. Taylor's newly released photos
from her DopeLips campaign!
Enjoy! :)




  2. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Your blog is AMAZING!




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