October 18, 2010



Soooo I love Willow Smith. lol
I didn't really understand what all of the hype was about surrounding her,
but after watching her highly-anticipated vid for her single "Whip My Hair,"
I've officially hopped aboard the Willow train lol

Not only is her swagger out of this world
--especially considering the fact that she's 9 years old--
but she's just so friggin' cute! lol
The entire time I was watching the video, I kept getting flashbacks of Jada and her dookeybraids in her Menace to Society days.

I'm so thrilled to see such a positive role model for young black girls.
Finally the days of looking up to rump-shakin' video vixens and risqué female entertainers
are OVER!
Now, black girls have someone that they can actually relate
to that promotes embracing and celebrating your individuality.
I really hope that Willow doesn't become a product of the industry like Miley or Britney lol
So I'll stand in her corner until she shows otherwise.

Aaah! This little girl is just too dope for words!

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