October 7, 2010



Since I've been pouring most of my money into my line
and not into my closet,
I've figured out new ways to wear old things.
There's nothing better than rocking something you've had
for what seems to be decades,
and managing to twist it in a way that you've never thought of before.
Key terms: utilize and maximize!!!!
I always have trouble getting rid of stuff because my mind
recites a repeating mantra of
"This ____ has potential" or "I'm gunna sew this into a ____.".....
which is why my closet remains full of things I simply can't let go of.
Though I've been contemplating whether or not I'm going to
start an online store to rid myself once and for all
of the things I've never/barely worn,
until then, I'll try my hand at making old things look new.
And with me being a fan of piling denim on top of denim,
this is what I came up with. lol


Tan jungle headband:: H&M, Gold & black faux bamboo earrings:: H&M, Gold tiger-printed necklace:: H&M,
Multi-chained necklace:: Forever 21, Miley Cyrus long sleeve denim shirt:: Wal-Mart,
Denim acid wash vest:: Forever 21, Neon salmon racerback tank:: Forever 21,
Black leather & suede mini skirt:: H&M, Black studded bangle:: H&M, Tan criss-cross wedges:: Forever 21


As you can see by the textured wall and shaggy carpet...
I'm in my new apartment! lol
My best friend Brandi & I have been here for about a month now
and we're trying our best to get used to it.
It's not that we don't get along
{because she's probably one of the ONLY people in this world that I could live with}
it's just that the management of the apartment complex.....sucks! lol
From having our water shut off almost every week
to ant infestations,
the last month has been quite ridiculous.

Aside from that mayhem,
there's the usual madness in my life--better known as college--
along with working on my line.
Though I have found a sample maker,
I'm starting to get worried because I'm not sure if he's actually started on my pieces!
The bright side is that I found an amazing photographer & make up artist
for my A/W lookbook;
what good is a lookbook without any clothes?! lol
I'm realizing now more than ever that for a young designer doing everything on her own,
it's a hard-knock life.
I'm praying to God that all of my hard work won't result in complete failure,
so I'm going to remain optimistic and keep my eyes on the prize.

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