October 27, 2010



The discovery of genuine friends is a special rarity that comes with life.
Though my circle is not the biggest,
I'd rather have a few good friends than tons of...
the flakey ones,
the backstabbing ones,
the always-borrowing-your-clothes-and-never-giving-em-back ones,
the boyfriend stealers,
the tell-your-secrets-to-the-world-and-might-as-well-start-a-blog-or-
write-a-book-about-what-everyone-doesn't-know-about-you ones,
the swagger jackers,
the liars,
the thieves,
the always-want-what-you-have-yet-are-unwilling-to-go-out-
and-do-something-for-themselves ones,
the bad advice givers,
the snobs,
the always-crying-broke-when-you-ask-to-borrow-a-few-dollars-
even-though-you-always-help-them-when-they-need-it ones,
and the
the floozies.

I'm so thankful that God has plucked out all of the weeds in my life and has sewn seeds that are blossoming into amazing friendships with beautiful people.
I love my posse,
my ride-or-die-
always-stick-by-my-side peeps.
I adore them all because they are each very different yet are all extremely talented,
intelligent, and bring something new to my life in their own little ways.

One of these fab friends of mine is Chelsea, better known as Danni Rouge.
Though I had an obsession with redheads far before we met,
she's the dopest one I know. lol
She's the designer behind the accessory line Bullets&Bows,
and is an uber-talented singer and songwriter.
She recently did a vid covering Bruno Mars' song "Grenade,"
which I never heard prior to hearing her sing it and now I love it! lol
Enjoy!! :)

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