February 22, 2010


So I told you guys about how I planned on taking Kev out for Valentine's Day.
Well, ever since then, he's been telling me that he had something special planned for me,
but would never tell me what it was!
Saturday, after a long day at work,
I came home to get dressed and we shot out to Hollywood.
At first he told me we were going to some party that his uncle
{who works closely w/ tons of celebs} was throwing.
I believed him...
that is until he told me that he was lying the entire time! lol
We exited Hollywood Blvd., then parked the car in a lot off of some random side street.
As we walked, I screamed when I looked up to see the Pantages Theater ahead of us,
with a huge banner advertising the showing of The Color Purple musical!!!!!!
Jumping up and down, I could do nothing but smile,
and all he could do was laugh and say "we have to walk alllllll the way down there,"
still trying to play it cool as if we weren't going to see the play.
We nearly walked past the theater entrance before he finally whipped out the tickets lol

We arrived a bit late due to there being a bit of traffic {as always} on the freeway,
but we made in the knick of time!
Kev handed the usher our tickets and all the guy could do was grin.
I thought he was being a lil' weird until he began to guide us down the aisle,
all the way down to the FIFTH ROW!
I nearly peed my pants! hahaha
There we were, sitting just a few rows from the stage...
I was blown away.

The play was phenomenal!
American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino did a stellar job in her role as Celie.
However, my favorite character in the play hands down was Sophia, played by Felicia P. Fields.
The dancing and vocal talents of everyone in the play was simply outstanding.
And the costuming was right on the money.

I wish security wasn't so anal about people taking pictures,
otherwise I would've been snapping away! lol
After my failed attempts to get a few snapshots during the play,
I decided to try one last time during the audience's standing ovation at the end.
But as soon as I had the perfect shot, a bright beaming flashlight blinded my eyes as an anger voice barked "NO PICTURES!!!" lol
So this is all I got...☟☟☟
lol hahaha

Although I thought I did pretty well this year for our Valentine's Day,
Kev definitely outdid me with this surprise! lol
That will definitely be a moment I'll never forget :)

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