February 14, 2010


l o v e .

What would life be without it?
I never understood why people can be so bitter when it comes to Valentine's Day.
Of course we have people in our lives that we love {family/friends},
but it also includes remembering the things that we have a true passion for.
Valentine's Day is not only about celebrating the bond you share with those close to you,
it's also about embracing your own self-worth.
Whether you're livin' single, or have that special someone to snuggle up to,
the most important person that you can't forget about is...YOU! :)
So with that said,

Treat yourself to being primped && pampered, as you should be!
Or better yet, have someone do it all for ya! lol

Since Kevin has planned our V-Days for the last few years, it's my turn to be the romantic.
Dinner & a movie is what's in store for us,
yet as always, I have a few other tricks up my sleeve ;)
I can't give too much away because he's probably reading this post! hahahah
But through all of the mayhem that we've put each other through,
I can definitely say that my list of not-so-great times can't even compare to all of the pages of the good.
I'm usually very good with words, but he makes me feel all mushy inside
{as corny as that may sound}.
One of my favorite songs is "He loves me" by the phenomenal Jill Scott.
It's probably the best song that describes my love for him.
Beyonce's rendition of it blew me away, so I'd like to share it with you all!

Here's a handful of items that I've had my eye on.
I guess you can call it my V-Day wishlist ;)


Bordello hot pink glitter pumps:: Patricia Field
Moschino Cheap & Chic lurex-knit heart dress:: Net-A-Porter
Gray foil lips tee:: Forever 21
Mulberry heart zip leather purse:: Net-A-Porter
Dangerous love potion tee:: Wildfox Couture
Lace print nylon tricot 3/4 sleeve dress:: American Apparel
Emma mesh lace bra:: Forever 21
Yves Saint Laurent rouge volupté:: Sephora
Spot tux playsuit:: Topshop



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