February 11, 2010


Rest in Peace,
Alexander McQueen

Words can't express how shocked I was to find out the news
of Alexander McQueen's death this morning.
As soon as I stepped foot into my costume design class,
my professor told said he heard McQueen was found dead in his home,
unconfirmed claims suggesting that he committed suicide.
I still can't wrap my brain around losing one of my favorite designers of all time.

Whether you're familiar of the 40 year-old British designers' work,
or if you've been living beneath a rock,
McQueen is undoubtedly one of fashion's finest.
And with his skyrocketing success over recent years for his incredible designs
{as seen on fashion maven Lady Gaga countlessly}
it can be said that McQueen has peaked his career.
His incomparable vision was literally out-of-this-world,
something that none of us can even fathom.
I am deeply saddended that such an extravagant imagination from a beautiful mind is no longer ours to experience, but only ours to remember.

In celebration of Alexander McQueen's legacy,
the ladies of Hellz Bellz {one of my favorite female streetwear brands}
released a limited edition t-shirt to pay homage. Originally part of their Fall 2010 collection, the unique tee will now be sold in Hellz's online shop, where the proceeds will be donated to McQueen's "Whatever It Takes" organization. The org fights for the "promotion of leadership," encouraging young people to take action regarding "poverty and environmental degredation."

So from February 11th to February 19th, the McQueen commemoration tee will be available for your purchase :)

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