February 25, 2011


Although we're still in the dreary midst of winter,  the bright future of fashion for the year's end has made its way down the runways of New York City. Fall 2011 takes on a colorful twist, giving the finger to the blah mood that sunshine-less weather brings while not turning a blind eye to the furs, heavy layers, and woolen fabrics that keep us toasty.

For this year's fall season, it seems like Libertine has a bit of an obsession with graph paper, stencils, and colorful paints. 
While most of us have had our share of these childhood items
 at some point in our lives--whether in arts & crafts or in an uber boring math class--Libertine definitely owns the meaning of schoolhouse rock. Graphic legwear and spray-painted everything are two statements that will definitely turn heads.

I absolutely LOVE this collection from Rachel Roy!
Mrs. Doubtfire gets a makeover! 
With Heidi-like braided updos, scrunched socks, cardigans and granny florals,
there's a vintage vibe that I love about these looks.

Every bit of Phillip Lim's collection is flawless.
Lightweight fabrics, chic paneled trousers, textured sleeves, and a serious punch of color. 
Way to go Phil! lol

With inspiration taken from the 1960s and 70s, Milly takes classic silhouettes into the contemporary.
I think my favorite accessory accent of her collection were her use of neck scarves.
Though subtle, they add an amazing spark of color, bringing together the look in a completely new way!

While Alice + Olivia channeled the glam and boldness of the 70s,
 and Araks revemped the 1950s college girl into a chic sophisticate,
both brands had color on the brain.
Carrot orange, midnight blue, and berry wine were my favorite hues in their Fall 2011 collections,
a bold mix that I never even though of but will definitely have to put to use.
I hope I'm not the only one giving the thumbs up for Alice + Olivia's piling on of the prints 
and Araks's sheer skirts that add a flirtatious peek-a-boo of the legs. ;)

Everything that Victoria Beckham touches seems to be fantabulous! lol
While she stuck with simplicity this season, 
she still managed to pull off creating fresh looks that have fluid appeal for both fall and spring!
I guess they didn't call her Posh for nothing.

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