July 31, 2010


To make the workday a bit more interesting,
the visual merchandising team at my store decided to have dress-up days.
Although customers often look at us crazy for dressing out of the usual F21 norm,
their stares and awkward facial expressions are priceless.
Yesterday marked another creative theme:: 90s grunge.
Although not many of the other associates take part in looking like the
high school rebels that were infamous for smoking cigs and starting fights,
we visuals definitely looked the part.

From left to right: {Top} Jessica, me, Lauren, Nevia, Christina, Victor, Liz,
{Bottom} Joel, Raymond, & Sharon.

Going hand-in-hand with the grunge get up,
all that kept coming to mind was Nirvana and Courtney Love.
So here's hommage to the days where the combination of plaid, Doc Martens, mosh pits and sheep dog-like hair ruled the scene.

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