August 25, 2009

Stuntin is a Habit

This past Friday,
Rebecca {the Studio Services Manager at CLD} asked me to join her to assist her at a photo shoot for the upcoming girl group, The Stunners!
I helped her out at the fitting for the girls earlier in the week, adding an extra bit of pizazz when it came to putting together the looks.

On the day of the shoot, hair && make-up was a timely task,
yet the girls looked....well, STUNNING! lol
We did a "movement look" where the girls were rocking black & gold,
{BTW: they are AMAZING dancers! :)}
another look where all of the girls were shot in black&white,
and in the last look, we did a dressing room scene where the ladies were causing a rukus with make-up, shoes and clothes thrown about.
I had a blast being on the other side of the camera.
The girls were gorgeous && were far from having the diva-tudes
that many people get when the fame hits them.
This fab 5 assemblage of young ladies range from ages 16-19.
Although they have very diverse personalities,
their love for music is what they have in common.
I can't wait until their EP comes out, && I'm looking forward to working with them again.
I'm really loving the whole stylist shin-dig,
and CAN'T wait to see what my next assignment will be :)

P.S!!!:: Check out THE STUNNERS on Myspace!!!!!

Lauren, Tinashe, Me!, Hayley, Marisol, && Allie :)

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