August 9, 2009

Double the pleasure double the fun

Two Saturdays in a row, full of pure fabulousness! {is that even a word? lol}

Last Saturday was the Major Hype event "SPAZ" that I told you all about.
I was headlining the event with the fellas && had my very own fashion show.
I was already stressed out due to the fact that I felt like I didn't have enough models,
then to top that off, I had one model after another flake on me!
So at the very last minute, I had to ask a few of my fabulous friends to be in the show.
Even Kevin found a model for me while he was at the mall,
and she turned out to be PHENOMENAL!
After arriving at the venue, I did a few last minute fittings and a rehearsal, and we partied the night away until I was given the signal to start the show.
We were supposed to go on at 11:30ish, yet we pushed things back to 12:30
to make sure that it was a packed house.
One model clearly had her own agenda, constantly asking me if she could leave and come back.
I let her know I'll be dressing the models at 12 and I didn't see her for the rest of the night!
I even asked a girl in the audience if she'd like to model, but she was too nervous.
In spite of flakey people, the show was the highlight of the night!!!

Yesterday, I had my very own photo shoot for my line, Kooley Designs!
Delia, a make-up artist that I met through my designer friend Amanda Daniels,
asked me if I'd like to be the wardrobe stylist for a photo shoot that she was working on
for Exclusive Entertainment.
I couldn't help but accept the chance to get some
dope photos with some gorgeous girls in my designs.
Everything from the hair to the make-up, and of course the clothes, were perfect!
Britini, Kristy, Shahde, Allyssa and Cristina
all know how to work the camera quite well.
I won't receive the photos for another couple of weeks, but it'll be worth the wait :)

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