August 23, 2009

New New

I'm not sure if it's the excruciating heat or just the idea of starting over,
but I've been feeling in need of a dramatic change.
With school starting very soon, I started revisiting those antsy emotions of
inventing a new look for myself.
I'd normally express my creativity in developing a new look through shopping,
searching for chic pieces for the season that will set me apart from the typical.
Due to the fact that my funds are at an all-time low,
I have to compensate for my re-invention in some other way lol.
Soooooo, I think I'm going to chop off my hair.
{well, what's left of it}

In all actuality, my hair has been short since I began college.
But now that I'm going into my 3rd year, I'm feeling like my style needs to flourish a bit,
and what better way to start the year off!

I HATE when people compare my look to Kelis, Rihanna or Keri Hilson.
Although it's a compliment, I like having a distinct look of my own.
I've been browsing over different looks online &&
I'm going to mix 'n match different aspects to make it scream "K A M E R O N!!!!"
And I guess having pink hair automatically causes me to be separated from the norm lol

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