June 27, 2009

In Loving Memory

My jaw dropped. My heart sank.
I could not fathom the news when hearing that Michael Jackson passed away.
And at 50 years old?
Alike many others, I've been exposed to Michael's music, style, && persona since childhood.
It's as if he's part of me in a sense.
I can recall sitting "Indian-style" before my grandmother's t.v. gawking && in awe as I watched "Moonwalker" for the 1st of many times to follow as a little girl.
My fondest memories are of my first experiences of MJ at Disneyland in his "Captain EO" 3-D show, which I HAD to see each && every time I made a trip to the "happiest place on earth."
Despite the ridicule && rumors that have surrounded him,
Michael is && will forever remain the King of Pop.
Song after song, hit after hit, Michael is THE best entertainer there is && ever was.
I can almost guarantee that you'll NEVER AGAIN see an artist who has fans emulating every inch of their style, passing out at concerts, && screaming 'til their throats&&lungs give way.
NO ONE can ever replace the bedazzled glove, white socks && black loafers,
let alone top the fame, success, fan base, && appeal that he has achieved.
&& dancing?! Pshhhh. You can forget it! lol
He's as good as it gets.
Period. Point blank.

Now all we have left is his timeless music that has left a lasting impression on us all.
For generations to come, Michael Jackson will continue to be the greatest.
"Dirty Diana" && "Liberian Girl" will still be just a smidget of the countless hits he belted out effortlessly that I'll still hold dear to my heart && ears. And of the various vids, Michael's "Thriller" && "Bad" will remain my favorites.

As much as it saddens me, I wish the entire Jackson family the best
{sending my prayers && love},
&& thank God for blessing humanity with such a dynamic individual.

.Rest in Peace Michael Jackson.

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