May 22, 2009


This afternoon when browsing through my daily must-read sites on fashion, music, && gossip, I came across Beyonce's new video for her song entitled "Ego" from her latest album, "I Am...Sasha Fierce." Although her lyrics are a nothing but OBVIOUS metaphoric reference to her hubby Jay-Z's....well, ya know{lol}, I still love the song! As awkward as it is for me to think
about Hov's "ego" parts {which I'd rather not}, Beyonce amazes me once again with the fierce movements of her "too big" hair and "too long" legs; not to mention, the choreography is AMAZiNG {as always}. I especially liked the sparkled romper that managed to complement her hourglass figure and gave me flashbacks to American Apparel bodysuits that I've recently spotted and plan to one day explore.

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