May 11, 2009

Busy as a bee

I feel like it's been a while since I've last posted.
I had 2 midterms last week && have been sewing like crazy in my dorm room for this upcoming fashion show that I am going to be featured in at the end of this month. These past few days have been sooooo hectic with school lately, but as always, I manage to pull everything together and get everything on my forever growing "To Do List" done at last!

Here's my agenda for this week, in no particular order
{&& today's only Monday! lol}::

-Submit my fashion column for the school newspaper for this week's issue
-Interview for a 944 Magazine fashion internship {fingers X'ed!}
-Bio homework
-Meet with my group in my environmental science class for our group project
-Spanish homework
-Sew, sew && do even more sewing!
-Find some fierce models for ANOTHER fashion show I'm going to be in at the beginning of next month
-Clean my room ..ugh
-Figure out what does it take to get a business license
-Meet with a local screen printing company to get quotes on a few of my t-shirt designs
-Get a car wash! haha..yea, the mobile dust bunny isn't really a good look .lol.
-Plan a "make your own t-shirt" program for the residents in my hall

Somehow, I'll finish all of this by the end of this week.
/s i g h/ the life of a multi-tasker! lol

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