April 28, 2009


Lord knows that the last thing I need to be doing is shopping.
But after a quick visit to Topshop to see what is newly in stock,
I feel like buying out the store! lol
It's quite tempting for me not to dip into my bank account && buy just a....few pairs of sandals.
I mean, I DO need summore sandals so my feet can breathe in this crazy Cali heat. lol
{wink wink}
I am doing my best to stay on shopping detox...that includes staying AWAY from any && all forms of money-consuming activities. lol

I've posted a few of my Topshop favs below.
Hey! A girl can still dream. lol

1 comment:

  1. I'm already addicted to the online shop--it can only go downhill from here!



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