April 17, 2009

Right On NYLON

This morning I headed to Fashionista.com to get my daily fashionable dose of "the scoop."
I was excited to find that Nylon has now launched their own record label!

Congrats Nylon!

The newborn label's very 1st band is The Plastiscines.
This French quadruplet of 4 fashion savvy girls are a bright-futured breed of chicks who I can definitely see being around for a while.
In visiting the group's website, I got a glimpse of their music video, a song from their brand new album entitled "LP1."

I'm more than hooked!
Even though "loser" was the only English word I recognized throughout the entire song when watching the video, I found myself bobbing my head to every beat & lyric.
The ladies' deput album is a breath of fresh air, with songs in both French && English.
Again, I don't know a lick of French {besides the words on my tattoo && a few others}; yet after hearing this hit I am that much more motivated to take courses toward learning the language asap!
Until then... translator?! Who cares! lol
Katty, Marine, Louise, && Zazie :: j ' a d o r e ! :)

**Keep a lookout for the ladies' 1st single "Barcelona," hitting iTunes this Tuesday!**

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